thoughtz for 10.15.14

I got told last week when tracking a singer-songwriter about how he felt I really understood what he was going for - a challenge he has faced when working with other producer/engineers before. 

Having heard that several times over the past couple of months has made me feel like one character trait I've working hard to embody is finally showing, and that is "listening."  


I have a problem when people do things out of ego and find it very challenging when decisions are made just because, or in haste. It's natural that we all want to be listened to, and that's exactly what I've been working on providing the people around me when we're collabing. I love taking the role of Producer where I become more of a guide than a creator and simply allow the artist to navigate the sounds in their head while I simply provide them options. This technique has worked really well for me and has kept my sessions rolling for hours longer than they would have if they didn't feel comfortable. 

No amount of gear or money or clout can keep a person from being difficult to work with, and I've found it takes very little for creative types (like me) to tune out once they feel they aren't being listened to or respected. By writing this, I'm sure to set myself up for being called out! But I digress.... this craft is most beautiful when it is a team of people working toward a goal.


 * I can't stress enough how much I really love that book Mixing with your mind... I dug up some notes I had written on it about 4 years ago and was so thankful about how they present a wonderful reminder of what's important in various steps of the process... 


* There are Gotye's "somebody I used to know" multitracks floating around the universe and I suggest if you really want to better understand arguably one of the best pop tracks of the past decade, that you then check it out along with the Sound on Sound article where they break it out in detail  


* It sems that in the past 2 months there haven't been many mix competitions... remix competitions are one thing, but it would really be sweet for people to put out a prize for the best mix. It seems like one of those things where everyone wins /rant


* things get panned to center get louder in mono... jeez is this ever true  

 * My dream recording session would take place over the course of a month with said band/group and would entail equipment being setup and active the entire time. Whenever the feeling came up to cut a section, we'd go for it... no time pressure. I'd be booked for the entire month and we'd be in a really remote location. Apparently I'm an old sould - as i was told - for feeling this way about the recording process...  
I just wanna catch a vibe, and sometimes I don't feel it's possible when people are fighting traffic/life and all that to get to a session for 10-12 hours or so... I can also see how a month long lockout can be a bad thing, too.... but I got the time if you got the energy! 


* I talk to everyone about everything because you never know... never know what you might discover, or where that rendevous may lead. Life is like an RPG (video game) for me, and all I wanna do is go up to people and press the talk button. 
Doing this last Sunday lead me to using a new technique when mastering my tracks; a technique im ever thankful for. 


* One day i'll find out what Im going to do with the 400+ pages i've hand typed about everything music...  I think I'll hire someone to go through it all and tell me whats relevant... haha  

 * One day I'd hope to be able to accomplish all of my tracking via a tablet that hooks up to an interface... seriously.  

 * I really can drop a ton of thoughts out... I'm thinking all day. Ask me anything. 


/Thought 10.15.14