Templates and You

I can't do what I do without a template. Templates have always been talked about (when in school) as a thing you do and have and it makes your job easier....


Templates are a way of defining and cementing a workflow. There's no need to reinvent or remember a process when you have it nailed into a template. It's all about the constants.

I use templates so that I don't have to recreate an entire bus architecture full of parallel compression, fx sends and returns, sub groups, parallel master bus, instrument tracks,. click tracks, keyed gates, keyed compressors, etc... this is all time saved for when I'm ready to mix.

Imagine you want to edit a track in pro tools... if you start from scratch, you literally have to build an entire chain in order to get the consistent results (that I'd hope you'd want). Time is money. Time is time wasted. If you can shave off a minute from a task you do hundreds of times, well, those are hundreds of minutes saved where you can go outside and exercise.

Point is that templates are key to having a cohesive workflow and key to having constants in place so that creativity can flow

Personally, I'd share my template, but I've invested enough time and effort to make it something truly unique and don't think it would be of help to share. Just know that I have my all the above mentioned and, at the very least, an eq, limiter, meter, widener, and mono-maker on my 2-bus.

So, with a template in place, you can then edit that track you were given with and rest assured that a lot of the left brain work has been done for you in advance so that you can worry about proper conveyance of the message (what your mix is supposed to achieve)