Gabriel "doza" Mendoza offers stereo mixing, tracking, and production services to record companies, film companies, producers, artists, and any other music based audio media companies.

doza's mixing style is always music first, followed by full fidelity and dynamics. doza works with a custom approach he built in order to meet the needs of any project of any size while utilizing a mix of vintage and modern techniques to achieve a balanced, quality mix. doza prides himself in his ability to mix for many diverse genres including rap, classical, jazz, latin, rn'b, country, pop, punk, acoustic, guitar bands, and EDM which may utilize multitracks or stems. 

doza is known for being relentless in his pursuits until both the artist and himself are satisfied with the final product. He takes on a "no stone left unturned" philosophy to his work and makes sure that every hit, line, and section is accounted for in the music before it is made final. Several mixes are provided for your final product so as to ensure you can get your sound everywhere! 

call/txt - 786/830-9445