Hey all --

My name is G, or DOZA, and I bring a new approach to publishing digital audio assets that are properly formatted for present and future-use.

I know what it takes from start to finish to get this song done. I don’t know where in the process you are at, but im gonna guess you have a session with tracks in them. If that’s the case, I can definitely help. 

>> What I can do for you 

Mix / Master with FLAC, WAV, and MP3 delivery (I can also embed art into the files and complete all metadata tagging). If given stems, you get mix + master; if given a single track then I’ll master for playback across many devices (car tested, laptop, Yamaha hs-10, AirPods, Bluetooth speaker, Sony TV, iPad speakers, iMac speakers)

Provide various prints (whatever you want in whatever way you want it)

Tag AND watermark your files for you (ID3 tagging - MP3’s at 320k CBR) works for SEO and for when you pop a cd into the car.

Analog pass thru (costs $$ - see details below)

>> My goal

To mix/master your track(s) to completion and to your satisfaction; something we can all be excited about.

>> You get

My time and ears on your music. 20+ years in music; I live and breathe it every day as my biggest hobby, while commercial photography is my ft hustle. I listen to a lot of music and am setup to mix/master. 

>> I need

For the tracks to come in high quality. Preferably 24 / 96k 

I’m really big on preservation of files and file quality —- the higher the better! I can handle up to 192khz no prob.

That’s all!

For a limited time only: I don’t want money; don’t want points

The only credit I’d want would be to my ig @dozagetsaway

Consider me a “ghost producer”

I need the work for portfolio and to begin attracting clients...

I’ve tried to do this before and bowed out of the game for some time because I couldn’t quite achieve the sound that I had hoped for; that problem is no more and I’m confident I can work with whatever comes my way!

>> Preferred communications

iMessage / email to talk shop (

>> EXTRA Options: 

Analog + Digital Printing via

$140 fee (Paypal, Cash app, Venmo, etc.) to have your mix run through a $10k chain of gear (typically SSL FUSION > SSL GCOMP > NEVE PORTICO)

I can make sure your track is hitting competitive levels!